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Great Zimbabwe Hotel

Restaurants & Bars


The Great Zimbabwe Hotel has one bar and one restaurant, both with a homely and welcoming feel that resonates throughout the hotel. Staff at both outlets are genuinely passionate about service and offer personalised service.


Great Enclosure Restaurant

The Great Enclosure restaurant is a cosy restaurant that has the distinctive feel and interior décor of the stonework of the Great Zimbabwe Monuments. The restaurant is relatively small but guests are guaranteed truly memorable service and warm hospitality at every meal. The Great Enclosure Restaurant offers a la carte and buffet menus and has a maximum capacity of 200 pax.


Cocktail Bar

This bar is casual and non-intrusive, offering a full blend of beverages from chilled white wines to non-alcoholic cocktail drinks. A must have for all first time visitors is the signature Great Zimbabwe rocks drink. The Cocktail Bar offers a Full snack menu and has a maximum capacity of 90 pax.

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