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Our Business Overview

Our Business Overview


To be the leading provider in hospitality and leisure operations in Africa.

We provide outstanding hospitality experiences that our guests love.

  • To our Guests
    Exceeding their expectations through the provision of a delightful service, as they are our reason for existence.
  • To our Employees
    Creating opportunities for personal growth and balanced lifestyles for all our staff to enable them to positively influence lives around them and delight our guests.
  • To our Community and Environment
    To be a model corporate citizen in the society in which we operate from where we derive our identity and being.
  • To our Business Partners
    Establishing ethical and honest relationships with our business partners and suppliers who enable us to meet and exceed our guest expectations.
  • To our Shareholders
    Deliver real value growth to our shareholders in excess of 20% return on equity per annum.


Our five-point “ExCite” value system forms the basis of our belief system within the organization.

We will do so through:

  • Excellence – We deliver experiences beyond expectation.
  • Care – We are each other's keeper and are mindful of the well being of all.
  • Innovation - We explore ideas and encourage different mindsets that facilitate continous improvement. 
  • Teamwork – We believe together we achieve more.
  • Enjoyment - We are passionate and take delight in everything we do.


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