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Preservation of biodiversity


  • As a way of promoting a sustainable eco-system and helping sustain our wildlife species, Hwange Safari Lodge, The Victoria Falls Hotel, and Elephant Hills Resort and Conference Centre support the Anti-Poaching Units with monthly contributions in the form of cash and fuel to this vital wildlife preservation endeavour; and
  • The Company through its subsidiary (Dawn Properties Limited (Dawn)) availed land to the Presidential Elephants Research Trust (the Trust), for carrying out scientific research aimed at conserving and monitoring the iconic Presidential Elephants herd in the Hwange/Dete area. Dawn has committed to making a monthly donation of USD1 000 to support the activities of the Trust.
  • African Sun Limited continues to sponsor salaries for Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit rangers in a bid to reduce poaching in the Victoria Falls area. 
  • African Sun contributes monthly donations to the Presidential Elephants Research Trust Fund.



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