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Covid-19 Precautionary Measures

Dear Valued customer, following the publication of Statutory Instrument (SI) 99 of 2020, we are pleased to announce the COVID 19 precautionary measures our hotels are adhering to.

8. Protection Mask Compulsory

  • Wearing of mask compulsory for all staff in all areas.
  • Wearing of mask compulsory for all guests in public/common areas only.

1. Crowd Control

  • Strict no loitering policy.
  • Only guests/patrons with confirmed business at the hotel will be allowed entrance with adherence to COVID protection measures.

9. Safe Arrival and Departure Experience

  • Contactless welcome protocol at airport pick-up and upon arrival at hotel.
  • Contactless check-in and check-out protocol.
  • Disinfected key cards and documents.

2. Temperature Checks

  • Temperature check for all persons entering the hotel, guests, staff, suppliers.
  • Rolling detailed medical records and temperature files for each staff member.

10. Contactless Interaction between Guests and Staff

  • 24 hour front desk and 12 hour guest relations communication by telephone or via WhatsApp.
  • Contactless check-in and check-out protocol.
  • Brochure and menu card free restaurant service through scanning of QR codes on personal private devices over reliable WIFI.
  • No handshakes between guests and staff.

3. Medical Team On call

  • Qualified medical team on call to perform rapid testing on site as and when needed.

11. Restaurants and Bars Safety Zones

  • Featuring 1 metre minimum distance between tables for safe dining.
  • Optional traditional table service or assisted buffet.
  • Any food or beverage can be pre-ordered via telephone or WhatsApp.

4. Hygiene Conformity

  • Sanitization protocols for goods and deliveries.
  • Strict hygiene practice is applied and audited from delivery of raw products, food preparation up to consumption.

12. Complimentary Room Service

  • No tray charge applies.
  • Contactless delivery in front of room on tray stand.

5. Complimentary Disinfection

  • Luggage disinfection and optional delivery to your room.
  • Feet disinfecting before entering the hotel.
  • Hands free sanitization dispensers in common areas.
  • Portable hand sanitizers in guest rooms.

13. Personal Privacy In Gym, Pool and Sauna

  • Reduced pool sunbeds setting with a minimum of 3m distance.
  • Extensive distance between gym machines and maximum of 4 persons allowed in the gym at any one time.
  • Gym operates only to in house guests on reservation.

6. Zero Contact Housekeeping

  • Flexible cleaning times and contact free process with hygiene trained housekeeping staff.
  • Use of hospital grade disinfectant and cleaning chemicals.

14. Staff Education and Personal Protection Equipment

  • All staff have undergone training on Covid-19 precautionary measures.
  • Protection screens at check in desks.
  • PVC aprons and suits, disposable plastic aprons and face shields for housekeeping staff.

7. Intensified Sanitization in common areas

  • Increased frequency of sanitizing high touch surfaces like door handles, elevators and common bathrooms.

15. Updated PCR test requirements

  • As of 4 September 2020, all returnees with 48 hours negative COVID-19 certificates are released at Ports of entry for self-quarantine. Returnees without certificates will proceed to a quarantine centre where they will be tested and either discharged for self-quarantine or isolation.
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