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15 August 2019

Where to Go During Spring

August in Zimbabwe marks the end of the region’s short-lived winter and the welcome return of warmer temperatures and the start of spring. It is the perfect time to visit our favourite spots in Zimbabwe and have so...
1 April 2019

Picking the Best Conferencing Venue

Finding the right venue for your conference can be a daunting task but if you find yourself a venue that covers all your needs under one roof it will save you both time and money. There are many factors that need to be t...
15 March 2019

The Best Birding Spots in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a captivating birding paradise for bird enthusiasts and eager birdwatchers from across the world. There are a large number of rare birds that make Zimbabwe a must-visit destination for both novice and profess...
1 March 2019

Exploring Lakes in Africa

Africa is home to majestic mountains, mangrove swamps, vast lowlands, and blazing deserts. It’s also home to the African Great Lakes; a series of lakes within the Rift Valley in and around the East African Rift and...
15 February 2019

The Best Place for Incredible Wildlife Encounters

Africa has a breath-taking array of wild-life and it’s the perfect place for magical wildlife encounters. Travelers can witness majestic elephants, mesmerising lions and mighty crocodiles in the flesh! Here’s...
1 February 2019

Great Hotel Wedding Venues in Zimbabwe

Marriage is a monumental milestone and should be memorable. There are some magical places to mar-ry in Zimbabwe and these are some of the ideas for wedding venues. The following are hotels in Zim-babwe with the capacity,...
16 January 2019

Best Places for a Family-Friendly Holiday

Family vacations are an amazing opportunity to relax and bond as a unit. These family getaways can be fun yet educational. When looking for a hotel for a family retreat, consider the activities in that area and also the ...
2 January 2019

A Getaway to Plan Your 2019

Gone are the days of indulgent vacations, today a growing number of people seeking out places to relax, boost their health and planning ahead. The scenic, secluded and stunning Nyanga is the perfect place to refocus and ...
23 August 2018

Amazing Views in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a perfect tourist destination because it is home to several World Heritage sites, birds, wildlife and endless natural wonders. Here are a few of Zimbabwe’s amazing natural views: Victoria Falls V...
23 July 2018

Unwind in Nyanga

Nyanga is home to Africa s second highest waterfall and breath-taking views over the lush Honde Valley. Unplug from the hustle and bustle of the city at the Troutbeck Resort. Enjoy a holiday with fishing, hiking, ...
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