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Do you want to have access to over 4,000 holiday resorts in over 10 different countries? Do you want to enjoy all the facilities of a hotel, but still have your own special and private retreat?

Then why not invest in one or more timeshare weeks and enjoy an exclusive holiday of a lifetime!Dawn Properties (Pvt) Ltd through its timeshare units, offers your family or organisation a rare opportunity to buy timeshare weeks at Blue Swallow Lodges in Nyanga.

Blue Swallow Lodges

The lodges sit amidst the lush wooded hills and tranquil rolling landscape of Nyanga, with views of the glimmering Troutbeck lake and the lush golf course.

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Kingfisher Cabanas

This caribbean-style paradise in the heart of Southern Africa offers you an ideal family getaway with lots of activities, in a delightfully tranquil setting.

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Welcome to the world of timeshares, an exciting and rare concept in Zimbabwe.
A timeshare is a property whereby several joint owners have the right to use a property, typically resort condominiums, as a holiday home. Each person/organisation is allocated a specific period of time (usually a full week) for a certain number of years. The timeshare is a concept that has been embraced in the developed world for years, with Africa slowly discovering the joys of timesharing. Read More

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