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8 August 2017

Exploring Both Sides of Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is one of the earth’s greatest natural wonders and picking which side to visit may be difficult. Discover the highlights of both sides to help you choose. Best View of The Falls - Zimbabwe For...
8 August 2017

The Perfect Place to Honeymoon

One of the toughest choices couples face during the wedding process is where to take their much-anticipated honeymoon. Your honeymoon is a time to shoot for the moon, travel further, eat more and bring home a lifetime&rs...
11 July 2017

Majestic Mountains in Africa

Africa is synonymous with natural beauty, from the volcanic depths of the Rift Valley, to the ice-capped summits of the Kilimanjaro. There are mammoth mountains sprawled across the continent that leave both locals and vi...
24 April 2017

Discovering Africa's Rare Birds

Africa is a bird-lovers treasure trove. There are hundreds of rarebirds soaring the skies and hiding in the nooks and crannies of the continent, across Africa. The damp wetlands of East Africa are home to the stunnin...
16 February 2017

How to Travel Africa Like a Local

Travelling to Africa is more than just ticking a continent off your bucket list. It’s about experiencing new cultures, exploring nature’s bounty and jumping out of your comfort zone. Here are some tips to mak...
16 February 2017

Why Zimbabwe is the World's Best Safari Region

It s the break of dawn in the African Savanna. One minute an antelope is giving itself a dust bath, enjoying its new-found freedom from parasites, and the next minute - Bang! A lioness pounces out of nowhere. Lions a...
7 November 2016

'Tis The Season For A Holiday

If you are seeking at time of reflection, the tranquil Nyanga Mountains with crisp air will offer you just that. Thundery clouds, refreshing rain, and sunny skies herald Christmas in Southern Africa, and what better ...
7 November 2016

Time to Visit Hwange

Watch a giraffe munching on leaves, see the majestic elephant trek to the water-hole and see a cheetah sprint across the bushveld. Experience sunrise in Hwange as the animals embark on their day. Escape into an untou...
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