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Amazing Views in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a perfect tourist destination because it is home to endless natural wonders.

Amazing Views in Zimbabwe

23 August 2018 | by Site Administrator

Zimbabwe is a perfect tourist destination because it is home to several World Heritage sites, birds, wildlife
and endless natural wonders. Here are a few of Zimbabwe’s amazing natural views:

Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls has 16 magnificent view points with an option of a bird’s eye view on the Flight of Angels
helicopter ride with a spectacular view of the curtain of water laced with steam and mist. On terra firma, the
Devil’s Pool is the main attraction with unforgettable views. The World Heritage Site also has plenty of
wildlife to see, from bird to fish and wild animals. The wide range of flora and fauna is stunning.

Matobo National Park
The gravity-defying, historical, balancing rocks are found south of Bulawayo. From the World’s View, you
have the most breathtaking full-circle view of the wondrous hoodoo rock formations, wooded valleys and
wildlife. The perfect spot for bird watching is the Maleme Dam, whereas the Hove Wild area is where you’re
likely to spot wildlife.

Eastern Highlands
The splendid Eastern Highlands, with the highest point being pegged at 2440 metres, you can be assured of
picturesque views of the beautiful landscape. There are many magical places to see here including beautiful
rivers and the marvelous Mtarazi Waterfall which is the second highest waterfall in Africa. Visit the Eastern
Highlands and gaze into the mesmerizing mountains.

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